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Founded in 2016, 70mai is a Mi ecosystem company focusing on smart car electronics.
In 2018, more than 10 million 70mai dash cams were sold to 92 countries around the world. 
70mai aims to show the maximum potential of vehicle intelligent products, providing safe, comfortable and networked driving experience to the world.

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**Only compatible for 70mai Omni Dashcam


Input Voltage: DC 12-30V

Output current: 2.4A

Output Voltage: 5V/3A Low-voltage

Small Car Protection: 11.8V Low-voltage

Big Car Prtection: 23.6 V Low-voltage


[What's in the box]

1 X 4G Car Hard Wire Fuse Kit

1 X User Manual


•    【QHD 1440P】A400 records in QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440, capturing every important details in high resolution
•    【145° wide-angle FOV】Covers at least three lanes of traffic with 145° wide-angle lens
•    【2-inch IPS】View footage in real-time with good viewing angle
•    【Dual-channel mode】Record front and rear* at the same time, easily switch front/rear view with a press of button
*Rear recording requires RC09 rear camera, sold separately
•    【Enhanced Night Vision & WDR】F2.0 large aperture enhance night vision while WDR technology effectively balance image quality, preventing under or over exposure
•    【In-car Guardian for 24/7 Protection】Parking Mode* is automatically activated, detect any hit-and-run collision & immediately begin recording. 
* Need to install optional Hardware Kit for Parking Mode
•    【Loop Recording & Evidence Protection】 loop and stores it locally on a Micro SD memory card, safely secured from overwriting.
•    【In-app Access & Instant Share through Wi-Fi in real time】
•    【Easy installation】Simply attach to windscreen and connect to power via car cigarette port

  • Up to 4K UHD with 140° FOV
  • Front & Rear Dual-Channel Recording
  • Powerful Night Vision with 3D DNR
  • 24H Parking Surveillance
  • Built-in GPS with ADAS

- German PTFE piston ring. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, can be used for a long time from -180 ° C to 260 ° C
- High temperature resistant thick copper wire. All copper design, small temperature rise, strong power conversion of electric energy
- Simple button arrangement. Minimalist design, comfortable touch, key functions-corresponding can easy to operate
- Equipped with a variety of inflatable ports such as rotary nozzle, ball needle, French nozzle and long nozzle, to meet the needs of daily inflatable equipment.
- Integrated design, inflatable tube, power cord, conversion nozzle, each part has its own storage space, which is beautiful and convenient.
- Large screen digital tire pressure.. Built-in smart chip, one-time setting, automatic memory

  • 2 Inch IPS Screen
  • 1944P Resolution & 5-Megapixel Camera
  • Dual-Channel Front & Rear Recording
  • 24H Parking Surveillance
  • Built-in GPS with ADAS


70mai M300
70mai A400
70mai A800
70mai A800S
70mai 1S
70mai Pro
70mai Pro Lite
70mai Pro Plus A500
70mai Pro Plus+ A500S
70mai Rear Mirror
70mai Mirror
70mai Mirror Dream
70mai Mirror Youth
70mai Helper

Model: BYC_AC0302_A01
Input Voltage: DC 12-30V
Output Voltage: 5V/3A Low-voltage
Car Protection: 11.6V Low-voltage
Protection Of Cart: 23.5V



- 11100mah Battery Powered Car Jump Starter: Our 70mai lithium jump starter is designed for 12V vehicles with 5.0L or 3.0L petrol engines.
- Multifunction Power Bank: Our jump starter is very smart and multifunctional, built on a 5V / 2.4A USB charging port and LED flashlight. USB output charging port
- can be used to charge cellphones, tablets, cameras and so on, it is very necessary when your electronic equipment is dead.
- You need light to change a tire, inspect an engine, or need to warn traffic that you are coming on a roadside strike,
- You have covered the ultra-bright flashlight, and it has three lighting modes: normal lighting, SOS, flashing.
- Built-in LED Battery indicator Light, waterproof and fire resistant design: 4 small led battery indicator lights show remaining battery, smooth surface without leaving fingerprints, flame retardant and waterproof
- material design,
- Temperature Protection and Smart Clamps: The temperature protection design provides full protection to ensure safe use of overheating.
- Eight intelligent clamp protection: Short circuit protection, Overvoltage protection, Overcurrent protection, Over-charge protection,
- Over-heating protection, reverse connection protection, reverse charging protection, over-discharge protection.


【Ready Stock + 1 Year Warranty】Ship from Penang, Malaysia 
【Expanded ADAS】 Assist you while driving with Lane-Departure & Forward Collision Warnings and NEW Pedestrian Collision Warning that help you avoid accidents. 
【1944P Super High Resolution with 170°FOV 】With 5-mega-pixel Sony IMX335 sensor, record 1944P video which capture every important details clearly in darkness & Brightness. 
【Stunning Shots Day & Night】 Equipped with F2.0 Aperture can greatly enhances night vision and obtain sharp, colour-accurate images at day / night. 
【Loop Recording & Evidence Protection】 Loop and stores it locally on a Micro SD memory card, safely secured from overwriting. 
【Built-in GPS + Glonass】Speed & location data will be stores that can be viewed conveniently in-app 
【In-car Guardian for 24/7 Protection】 Parking Mode* is automatically activated, detect any hit-and-run collision & immediately begin recording. 
* Need to install optional Hardware Kit for Parking Mode 
【eMMC Built-in Storage】More stable memory storage. Provide faster writing and reading speed.
【Smart Voice Control】Take photo or start video recording with a single command even when u are driving.
【Compatible with Tyre Pressure Sensor】Alert you when tyre puncture. Give u extra safety protection while driving. 
【In-app Access & Instant Share through Wi-Fi in real time】Use 70mai App to download video footage, simple and fast.
【Simple Installation】 Simply attach to windscreen which perfectly concealed behind rear-view mirror and connect to power at the vehicles 12v power point 


70mai Omni is an advanced 360-degree rotating dash cam that is perfect for the security of your vehicle. The latest dash cam comes with new and better features and upgrades as compared to its predecessors. The highlight feature of the Omni Dash cam lies in its 2-phase stepping motors that provide a smooth and stable 340-degree movement. Combined with the 140-degree FOV camera that greatly reduces distortion, it gives you the industry’s first perfect 360-degree full-view dash cam with zero blind spots. This means your dash cam is constantly monitoring everything that’s happening in and around your vehicle, adding to the safety and security of your travel.


【5000Pa Ultra Strong Suction】Say goodbye to food residue,dust, hair and even dust mite inside your car
【4000mAh + 24min Long Runtime】Battery power that sufficient to clean entire car in one time
【HEPA Filter+ Unique Ventilation Structure】Clean and purifies air in car at the same time
【Multiple Nozzle Set +  65dB Quiet Clean】Suitable for variety cleaning purpose and provide quiet cleaning experience
【Cordless  + Bottle Size Design 】Cordless and Light which make your cleaning process more convenient

*Please clean HEPA FILTER  with brush or tissue *
*Kindly replace the filter at least once for a 3 months for the best performance*

Max Suction: Up to 5000pa
Dust Holder Capacity: 100ml
Battery Capacity: 7.2 V 4000mAh
Input: 5V/2A
Charging time: 3H (5V/2A Charging)
Rated Power: 80W
Rated Voltage: DC 7.4V
Battery runtime: Around 24min


70mai TPMSLITE Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Global Version)

The 70mai Tire Pressure Monitoring System Lite is comprised of four Tire Sensors, a solar-powered Receiver Unit, and a mobile app which provides real-time data on the air pressure and temperature of a vehicle’s tires.

Brand: 70Mai
Model: Tire Pressure Monitor Lite (Midrive T02)
Receiver Unit:-
-Working Voltage: 5V
-Working Current: 1A
-Working Temperature: -20 – 70°C
-Storage Temperature: -35 – 85°C
-Battery Capacity: 500mAh
-Power Supply: Solar / USB
Tire Sensors:-
-Air Pressure Range: 0.0 – 8.0 bar (0 – 100 psi)
-Working Temperature: -40 – 80°C
-Storage Temperature: -40 – 85°C
-Air Pressure Accuracy: ±0.1 bar
-Temperature Accuracy: ±3°C
-Operating Frequency: 433.92 MHz
-Transmit Power: <8 dBm
-Sensor Battery Life: Up to 2 years

What You Need to Know about Your TireWith every 0.2 bar the tire is underinflated, fuel consumption increases by 1.5% and the life span of a tire decreases by 15%. More importantly, improper tyre pressures could increase the braking distance, affect the cornering performance and heat up the tires.
Precious Alert for Individual TireWith great accuracy within 0.1 bar for individual tire, you could easily figure out the abnormal and solve it ASAP. Rather than being caught in the anxiety with the yellow low pressure symbol, it can't tell you what's the problem exactly is.

App-enabledGrab your tire data at a glance at 70mai app. Both pressure and temperature alert values can be adjusted. Set preferences for your car here.

Solar Charging LCD DisplayThe LCD display supports both USB cable & solar charging, which help you free the car cigarette lighter socket. You could check your tires' status via the big and readable LCD display while driving.

Working temperature: -20℃~70℃

*Auto-stop charging above 60℃

A Breeze to InstallingIt takes only 5 minutes to finish installation of all four wheels. We' d like to spare you from an insane amount of time setting up the unit and getting started with using it. It is also super convenient for a rented car before a trip. And a cost-efficient choice to replace or maintain when changing the tire.

Durable and Firm SensorFirm Sensor with a waterproof and anti-corrosion design is perfect for harsh weather conditions. The battery life of sensors can last up to 2 years. It could be replaced by yourself when the battery is exhausted.

IP67: resist dust tight and powerful water jets

Copper valve core could handle high temperature

Adaptable for Mostly VehiclesGreat for four-wheeled vehicles with a maximum 8 BAR pressure. 70mai tire pressure monitor can receive long distance (up to 10 meters) signals from the sensor.


Always Know What's Happening

When Blurams video doorbell 2K detects motions, human shapes or pressed by someone, it will instantly send push notifications to your phone to alert you what’s going on at your front porch. You can check in on what matters and answer from anywhere.


Wider View & Clearer Picture in 2K Resolution

The smart video doorbell 2K offers a 130° ultra-wide viewing angle, giving you a clear image of what matters. You can notice every detail at your front door and compliment your guests as you welcome them home.


Detail is Visible Even in The Dark

Blurams essential video doorbell has enhanced night vision to provide you with brighter live video, therefore it'll be easier for you to distinguish who’s at your door at night.


Stay in the know

Check on visitors at your door from anywhere. You can see and talk to whoever's there by using your smartphone or tablet, even if you're not at home.


Say Hi While You’re Away

Have a chat with your visitors through the built-in speaker and microphone. Or respond to your delivery man or housekeepers when they arrive via your phone/tablet.


Hey Doorbell, Play the Voice Message

Thanks to advanced AI facial recognition, the wire-free video doorbell can automatically play pre-set voice message for the specific person. Leave a message like “Dinner’s on the table” when your family member gets home!


Work with Any Doors

The wireless video doorbell is battery powered, so it’s easy to install within 5 minutes. You can choose to install with screws or the 3M tape to any doors you like. Pair with the existing indoor chime, your doorbell’s ready to go!


Free 24h Loop Recording & SD Card Storage

Each wire-free video doorbell comes with free 24-hour loop recording. Besides, the video clips can be stored up to 15 or 60 days after subscribing to Cloud Service . In this way, important videos or your family’s happy moments can last longer. It also supports micro SD card storage (up to 128GB) to meet your multiple needs.